Die Versandpauschale (8€) wird mit Deinem Auftrag verrechnet.


International shipping

YOU can't order directly on our website.

So please send us a message (Kontakt) and let us now

- Which BAGS in which color and how many BAGS you want.

The following infos are needed:





After receiving your order we will send you the invoice with the price including the shipping costs .

Sie haben 2 Zahlungsmöglichkeiten:

- Paypal (online) // @lionboard

- Banküberweisung (IBAN-Bank) Die Versandkosten hängen von Ihrem Land und dem Gewicht des Artikels ab.

Deliveries are possible only in countries of the EU. Orders are shipped cost-effectively by volume through online franking. >>incl. shipment tracking

You will have 2 payment choices:

- Paypal (online) @lionboard

- Wire transfer (IBAN-Bank)

The shipping costs depend of your country and the weight of the item.

Beispiel Stand 01/2022:

Deutschland                             Other EU  

4 BAGS = 5,50€                        4 BAGS = 14,00€

8 BAGS = 6,50€                        8 BAGS = 16,00€

12 BAGS = 9,50€                    20 BAGS = 21,00€

BOARDS can be shipped -> Calculation according to expenditure

Versand der BOARDS nach Aufwand.